How to create an online wholesale Store with Shopify in 6 steps

Entrepreneurs are normally really engaged to create new wholesale business but sometimes they are not really successful because they are not using the correct methods.  There are some directories that give novice businessman excellent advices and here we are going to analyze 6 steps created by Shopify one of the best wholesale directories in the world.

These steps are thought for people who have doubts on how to create an online store and where to find the best products. Normally finding reliable suppliers is a hard task, but here you will learn how to do it.

6 steps to start your own online store

  1. Create and choose a professional theme for your website

Your website is going to be your sponsor, your soul and the brand of your business. It depends on how beautiful your website looks that people will decide to buy on it or not. But not only should it be beautiful, it should look as much professional as possible. Professionalism is hard to achieve but here in Shopify you will have the tools to develop a trustworthy wholesale campaigns. Shopify also offers the collaboration of the best designers in the world such as Pixel Union or Happy cog. You will choose among hundreds of web templates.

  1. Leave your mark

Once you decide your template, you can personalize it as you want in order to make the difference between others online stores. Shopify has a lot of settings to change the view of your webpage. You can also see a preview of your website in order to make sure this is the image you want to show.

  1. How to customize a template or theme

Shopify let you modify everything in your template. It uses a simple but useful templating language what is helpful for novice people in this sector. You will be able to change the aspect of your front page as much as you prefer in order to reach the wished view.

Remember people look for simple and professional webs. They don’t want to buy in overcrowded sites, they just want to see you are professional and your products are well organized in different areas.

  1. Use the code you prefer

Search on the net what is the most reliable code for customers and use it. Consumers are really selective as they have rooted stereotypes in websites. Shopify let you use the code you prefer, so this is not a hindrance.

  1. Count on Shopify experts, they will advice you

If you are novice and you want to run your new business appropriately, let Shopify experts work on your design. They will choose the best themes and they will custom the webpage in order to be coherent with the product you want to sell.

  1. How to catch clients

Shopify has some catching settings that you can use so as to send attractive advertisement of your new wholesale online shop. If you want to learn more about it go to